Graphic Design

The Portrait Studio offers graphic design services for a wide variety of needs including image compositing, photo restoration, photo retouching, book design, album covers and more.

Please call 607-339-9897 for a quote, or book a free consultation to discuss what you need done as prices vary depending on the project.

Photo Retouching

and creative enhancement

• color correction + color changing
• remove unwanted blemishes
• Skin softening

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Photo Restoration

color and black and white

• Remove scratches, creases, stains and dust marks

• Fix blur and lighting issues

• Repair missing parts of the photo

• Color corrections

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Image Compositing

• Change the background of an image

• Incorporate objects and scenery

• Add multiple people and subject matter

Creative Designs

Books • posters • album covers • flyers • digital painting

Book Cover Design

Digital Painting

Book Cover Design

Promotional Poster

Contact Me for a Quote

Please briefly describe your design need and I will get back to you with a quote for what you are looking for. Prices start at $150 depending on what you need done.