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Videography and Video Editing Services

Offering videography services for events, musicians, commercial and personal branding services. I can help you create powerful creative and fresh video's to help grow your business and capture your event. The Portrait Studio offers professional lighting gear, backdrops and creative editing skills that will help you stand out. Film your next event and create cinematic artistry.

Video editing done by Alicia Sangiuliano, The Portrait Studio Ithaca. DV Survivor awareness.

The 25th Annual MAAC Founders Day Breakfast. Videography: M’oonk Films Devoted. Video Editing: Alicia Sangiuliano, The Portrait Studio & Devoted crew member

A digital Story about living with anxiety. Video Editing done by Alicia Sangiuliano.

Video Editing Reel. Editing done by Alicia Sangiuliano, The Portrait Studio

Video Editing Reel

Engagement Video Promo This video filmed and edited by Alicia Sangiuliano as a promo for the video productions crew Moonk Films Devoted.